Welcome to How2Heroes!

Hi everyone. Welcome to How2Heroes. We’re so happy to have you here and we hope you learn a great deal and share your expertise as well. Our goal is to teach you amazing recipes and introduce you to fascinating people you may never get to meet otherwise. Their stories along with their expertise are what makes these videos so fun, entertaining and, of course, educational.

Here are a few videos you might want to check out that introduce you to the range of topics we’ll be covering.
Bea’s Apple Pie – a classic, flawless 50-year old recipe from a wonderful 77-year old hero
Gnocchi Alla Genovese – learn how to make Gnocchi and pesto from scratch from Andrea, our hero from Italy
Classic Cosmopolitan – shake up a sexy Cosmo with Lino, our handsome hero from Upstairs on the Square

We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback. We also look forward to receiving your how-to videos. Please start sending them along! We’re running a Family Recipe Contest right now. If you submit a video on this topic and yours is selected as the best, you will win a very cool Flip Video camera that is the easiest most portable video camera we’ve ever seen. Cute as a button too ;-)

Thanks again for coming and we look forward to reporting from our exciting shoot in the Big Easy (that’s New Orleans, y’all) next week! Stay tuned!!